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The Need For Speed: Most Wanted reboot announced by EA at E3
won’t be gracing just consoles and handhelds. EA have also announced
that Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be launching on Android October
30th alongside all the other versions. Unfortunately we didn’t get a
look at the game specifically for mobile devices so we’re not sure how
it’ll look compared to the traditional console and handheld versions.
We’ll be trying to get our hands on gameplay footage for that, but in
the meantime just know that you’ll be able to get your open world,
illegal street racing on the go even without a PS Vita come October
30th. While the trailer above likely won’t be indicative of the final
product for mobile, grab a look anyway.

http://apk4u.org/Thread-NFS-Need-for-sp ... -QVGA-HVGA

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